The official launch of the Institut du Bosphore
Gathered in Paris on Tuesday 8th september, Ümit Boyner, Vice-president of the TÜSIAD, association of the industries and firms of Turkey, Henri de Castries, President of the AXA Group, Gilles Veinstein, Historian, Professor at the “Collège de France” and specialist of the Turkish and Ottoman history and Dr. Haluk Tükel, President of the Institute, have officially announced the launch of the Institut du Bosphore.

« Relations between France and Turkey are essential for both our countries. The creation of the Institut du Bosphore is an invitation to strengthen the ties between our civil societies, to go past the political frame in order to tackle the bottom of the debates, break the prejudice while acknowledging the differences and in the end to get to know each other better », explains Mrs Boyner, member of the Scientific Committee of the Institut du Bosphore and Vice-president of the TÜSIAD. « To start the activity of the Institut du Bosphore, we are already giving you a date for the first annual seminar the coming 22nd and 23rd of October in Istanbul. »