Bolstering ties between European Union, France and Turkey.


Institut du Bosphore is an independent French association, established in Paris in 2009 under Act 1901, whose main mission is to be one of the driving forces behind the discussions on Turkey in France, particularly through the organization of major events.


Conceived as a platform for continuous, free and objective dialogue and debate, Institut du Bosphore addresses a range of geopolitical, economic, and sociocultural issues, in order to highlight Turkey’s involvement in the global community, the G20 and, in particular, its proximity to France and integration into the European Union.

A real bridge between French and Turkish public opinion, Institut du Bosphore aims to facilitate common reflection on Europe and the world today.


Institut du Bosphore is an independent organization run by a Board of Directors and steered by a Scientific Committee, composed of Turkish and French high level personalities from various backgrounds – politicians, entrepreneurs, economists, experts and intellectuals.

at the origin of this initiative

Founded in 1971 to represent the Turkish business world, TÜSİAD is a voluntary, independent, non-governmental organization dedicated to promote welfare through private enterprise.


On account of the institutions represented by its members, TÜSİAD has a significant representative capacity of the economic activity in Turkey in many spheres such as production, value added, employment and foreign trade.


TÜSİAD’s activities are aimed at creating a social cohesion based on the competitive market economy, sustainable development and participatory democracy.


Headquartered in İstanbul, TÜSİAD has a representative office in Ankara; international representative offices in Brussels, Washington D.C., Berlin, London and Paris; networks in China, Silicon Valley and the Gulf Region.

Institut du Bosphore
Founding Members

Pekin Baran
N. Ümit Boyner
Eşref Hamamcıoğlu
Bahadır Kaleağası
Ferit Şahenk
Volkan Vural
Arzuhan Doğan Yalçındağ

Founding President

Haluk Tükel

TÜSİAD is a member of BusinessEurope which is the leading advocate for growth and competitiveness at European level.


A staunch supporter of Turkey’s accession to the EU, TÜSİAD established Institut du Bosphore; a place of reflection and exchanges at the heart of French-Turkish relations, in order to make it a pillar of the successful integration of Turkey into the European Union.


The first think-tank entirely dedicated to relations between France and Turkey, the aim of Institut du Bosphore is to open a new chapter in dialogue between Turkey and its partners.


Creating a platform for dialogue between people involved in our shared economic, social and intellectual life has turned out to be both a unique yet natural initiative.


This desire to create a platform for dialogue gave rise in September 2009 to the birth of Institut du Bosphore.


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