Bolstering ties between
European Union, France and Turkey.

⚫️ Black hole's intense gravity curves spacetime, acting as a magnifying glass and causing the black hole shadow to appear larger. By measuring this visual distortion, the research team found that the size of the black hole shadow confirms Einstein's general relativity theory 🔘 https://twitter.com/feryal_ozel/status/1524740492801589249

Feryal Ozel@feryal_ozel

A wonderful moment when we shared the image with the world.

Since 1999, Turkey has been carrying out thousands of IPA projects in many fields, which constitute the basic building blocks of🇹🇷's reform process,within the scope of the IPA Funds created by🇪🇺to prepare candidate&potential candidate countries for EU membership🇪🇺🇹🇷 @ABBaskanligi

Sürdürülebilirlik ve toplum faydasını gözeten yeni bir araştırma.. @AXA_Turkiye #GalatasarayÜniversitesi ve @BosphorusInst iş birliğiyle gerçekleştirilen Covid-19 salgını sonrası yaşamın ekonomik, psikolojik ve sosyal etkileri anlamak ve “yeni normal”

✔️ Peace
✔️ Democracy
✔️ Unity in diversity
✔️ Sustainable development

Now, more than ever, we must uphold our values and goals

Now, more than ever, the World needs a stronger Europe

Now we need a better European integration: deeper, wider, flexible


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