Renforcer les liens entre l’Union
européenne, la France et la Turquie.

Despite its reputation for bureaucracy and inflexible labor laws, France is one of the European countries where newly founded businesses fare best https://trib.al/bMZFHDk

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Since 2005, a relatively constant factor in the European equation had been #AngelaMerkel.
Germany will now add more variables into the European political and policy calculus; naturally with implications for the Turkey file.
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READ NOW – New @AtlanticCouncil IN TURKEY issue brief on Europe’s geostrategic sovereignty and Turkey by @Kaleagasi


TÜSİAD Global Politics Forum kicked off with an impressive event hosting Martin Wolf. Together with Mr. Wolf, we discussed the crisis of democracy, the future of capitalism and globalisation. Thank you for this thought provoking debate. @martinwolf_

A l’occasion des Journées européennes du patrimoine, qui se déroulent tout le week-end, partons à la découverte du Palais de France à Istanbul sur une musique du grand compositeur français Claude Debussy. 🎶

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