Bolstering ties between
European Union, France and Turkey.

We are aiming for an honest partnership.

A partnership between the EU & Turkey that enables us to strengthen what brings us together and address what divides us.

It is still the beginning of the road. The weeks and months ahead will show how far we can go on this road together.

We are one planet. One health.

And today on #WorldHeathDay, let us state it again: global pandemics need global responses.

On 21 May I will convene the #GlobalHealthSummit with @g20org.

We will bring the world together to prepare better against future health crises.

Alain Juppé sur le Rwanda : « Nous n’avons pas compris qu’un génocide ne pouvait supporter des demi-mesures » 🇷🇼 https://www.lemonde.fr/idees/article/2021/04/07/alain-juppe-sur-le-rwanda-nous-n-avons-pas-compris-qu-un-genocide-ne-pouvait-supporter-des-demi-mesures_6075875_3232.html

[🗓J-1] « Rencontres du #TourismeDurable »
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