@ManfredWeber @EPPGroup Historical experience is clear:
Every time (90s, early 2000s) the EU had a positive approach to Turkey, the accession process progressed and Turkish officials were associated to external policy & security cooperation, it was a great win-win. The opposite policies are bad for all.


"La Turquie est le 5ème marché du #ecommerce au monde"

Sur plus de 83 mns d’habitants, la #Turquie compte 77 mns d’utilisateurs #mobiles tous confondus dont 73 mns d’utilisateurs de #smartphones.

Le pays a gagné +2,…https://lnkd.in/e64sJnY

Meeting and exceeding international quality and safety standards, Turkey is a hub of excellence to automotive giants. One of the global brands in Turkey, Toyota Motor Manufacturing was selected Best Factory in Europe and Africa Region receiving the Gold Plant Quality Award.

As countries gradually open their #borders, @TAVairports member of @GroupeADP is committing to the @EASA charter to implement the operational guidelines to protect the #health & safety of passengers & staff in the 9 signatory airports.

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